Wednesday, February 6, 2013


With every age we are told by those older and wiser that we don't understand time.

As a child I remember my grandpa telling me "you wont believe how fast this time will pass!"

As an elementary student you're told "once you get to middle school the pace will be so much faster"
As a middle schooler you're told "once you get to high school those 4 years will just fly by"
As a high schooler you are informed that "you think this is fast?  Just wait until you go off to college!"
And as college drifts by the professors all preach "once you hit the 'real world' you'll finally understand just how rare a commodity time really is"

When we get married we hear "now that you are married the years fly by before you even know it"
And then when we have kids those older and wiser all scream about how now they all Really mean it, the time will just FLY by and we have NO idea!

At each juncture we think they are all crazy and if only we could make this time move half as fast as they say we could get Out of this part and be so much better off!
Also, at each time, we feel that though we still feel that way about where we are currently, we admit that they were, in fact, right about the Last.

My how time really does fly.

Looking back, even I can see how those times did indeed fly by, each one faster than the last.  I agree with the wise words, now, that no one can truly understand the speed at which time moves until having a child.

It's incomprehensible to me that my baby will be starting Kindergarten THIS August...

Value your time.  Clutch it, hold, cling to it, fight for it, and never, ever take it for granted.  It is a gift.  A beautiful, wonderful, treasure of a gift, but a gift... and nothing more.