Saturday, May 12, 2018

An Open Letter to ALL Women, On Mother’s day:

Dear women,

I hear you. I hear you when some of you say that Mother’s Day is the hardest Sunday of the year. I hear you when you speak of the insensitivity and mishandling of this day by churches around the country that cause you pain and make faithful women stay home from Church on Mother’s Day.  

This day, for me, is always held in tension, joy-pride-thankfulness butted up against sorrow-loss-pain. 

For some, Mother’s Day is looked forward to all year, with joyful anticipation, for others the status of Mother’s Day is painfully elusive, for some it is met with dread and terrible sorrow. 

We have women who are single, women who choose not to be mothers, women who don’t feel called to have children, mothers, step mothers, adopted mothers, foster mothers, surrogate mothers, stand-in mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-waiting, women who know the unbelievable joy of watching their children faithfully grow, those who know the deep pain of having wayward children walk away, those who gave children for adoption, those who experience the heartbreak of infertility, those who carry the weight of an abortion, those who have faced the darkness of failed adoptions, and those who know the unfathomable pain of losing a child, as well as those children who never knew their mothers, people who have lost their mothers, and people who owe their very lives to their wonderful mothers. 

We love you all. God loves you all. 
God values you all, cheers for you all, and weeps with you all. 

We are a family of many parts, a family of many joys, and a family of many pains. We are here for you, this day, and every day.