Wednesday, September 10, 2014

God loves You.

God loves you.  "You don't know me"
no, I don't, but God does.
"if 'God' knows anything about me than he doesn't love me"
That just means you don't know God, not that God doesn't know you.

God loves you. Yes You. You.
You who have cursed his name, you who don't believe he exists and mocks the very idea. God loves you. You who had that baby in middle school, who sold those drugs, who wrecked that car, who got that divorce, who did a nickel, got out, swore it off, and went back to serve a dime. God loves you.
You who cheated on your spouse, sold your kids toys to buy drugs, who wear that beautiful 'church' smile and go home everyday addicted to pornography. God loves you. You who turn to the bottle and away from God and family, you who stole that money, took that bribe, who sought worth in the bed of anyone who came along. God loves you.

What's love you say? Well, if you want a definition, God demonstrated his love for you in that while we were All those people just mentioned, while God knew that's who we were, when we hated God, and when God Knew we would always be this way, he sent his son to die to give us the opportunity to choose to accept that love.
God loves you.
But you have to take it - it's a free gift of Grace through the redeeming, saving, all covering, blood of Christ, of Jesus, The Son who loves you beyond all measure and extends grace, love, and mercy in such an unbelievable way it's incomprehensible. God loves you.
He made you, you are his original masterpiece. All of you. The good, the bad, the ugly, the seen, the unseen, God knows you, and God still loves you.
God loves YOU.