Friday, January 21, 2011


Welcome to the Abundant Life blog!

GOD: all knowing, all feeling, no beginning, no end, boundless love, giver of strength, creator of life, Holy in essence, everlasting father, prince of peace, the great provider and the one who sent Jesus Christ, the son, to die on the cross to save us even when we mocked, scorned, and hated Him....

for what?

So that we could be miserable?  That we could drudge through this life feeling as if because we are Christians we have some sacred calling to be 'blah' all the time?  NO!  God created us, formed us, loved us, saved us so we would not just merely live, but that we would enjoy life to the fullest!  That we would have Abundant Life!

God calls us to this, He wants us to be filled with joy!  Others around us should know we are Christians not because we wear a cross around our neck or because we slap a Jesus fish bumper sticker on the back of our hybrids, rather they should know us as Christians by our uncontrollable joy in all circumstances!

Now, this is not to say this life will always produce circumstances that encourage joy, nor does this imply that because we are Christians we will have it easier - Certainly not the case!  But what it means is that we have JOY.  Not fleeting joy, not joy that comes from present circumstances, not joy that's propped up on something or someone who will fall, eternal joy, joy with no end, joy that can not be squashed because our joy doesn't come from our surroundings, it comes from our PROMISED future - our promise from the Shepherd that He came and laid down His life for His sheep that they would have Abundant Life!

As I said Sunday, this life is hard.  Bad things happen, sorrow comes, but we have the Hope of tomorrow, we have the joy of a promised future, we Know how the story ends.  So live your life with that joy, let it be seen - it's infectious!


  1. This is great, Levi! Thank you for the message you shared on Sunday... it has been with me everyday this week. We were blessed to be on the sidelines watching the last 2 years unfold, and we have been convicted to lead more sincere prayer lives because of what we watched God do through your circumstances! So glad how we got to see the "end" of that chapter in your story, and be a part of the beginning of your new chapter!

  2. Good to see the blog online Levi! Thanks! Your message of eternal joy is a blessing to readers...keep up the good work.

    May God continue to bless all you do!