Friday, February 11, 2011

Self Worth:

Recognize your worth!

So many people, young and old, male and female, go through life filled with self doubt (if not self loathing).  They constantly beat themselves up and question their own self worth.  "Am I good enough/smart enough/skinny enough/popular enough/successful enough/athletic enough/wise enough/" etc - "Who could like me/no one loves me/" People drown themselves in negative self talk and allow themselves (yes, allow) to be over run by the media, magazines, and 'friends' around them.

But here's the thing - You don't have to wonder about or doubt your self worth.

Consider this:  What is something worth?  The economist in me answers that the value or worth of something is determined, quite simply, by the price last paid for said item on the open market.  /economy talk over.

Now, if something is worth the price paid for it, then you KNOW how much you're worth.   See, you can Know your value because you Know what price was paid for you - "This is love:  that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us".  God Loves you with the same fervor and passion that He loves Christ with, His one and only son, to the point that before you knew Him, before you wanted Him, while you seemingly weren't worth anything, before you ever even had the chance to fail at earning anything, God bought you with the blood, the pain, the suffering, and the death of His very son Jesus Christ.  THAT'S how much you are worth, THAT'S your value!  You are worth much more than gold or rubies or the sparrows in the air, you are worth the precious blood and life of God's own son!  Jesus Christ died on the cross for you so God could purchase even the Chance to have fellowship with you - YOU the one that He deeply desires and passionately pursues beyond the ends of the earth and into the very depths of hell to reach you.

God paid so much for you!  And let's be honest... we, by our own standards, weren't worth buying!  Yet, He did it, and the thing is, God knew you even then.  God knew your short comings, your faults, your struggles, and all the darkest deeds you would do and all the dirty secrets you would ever have, He knew them ALL, and HE STILL PAID THAT PRICE FOR YOU.  Even with all that knowledge, even though God intimately knew you before you were ever formed, He judged that you were WORTH IT, you were worth it all, and He sent His very son so that Jesus could truly pay it all.

So the next time you have a fleeting thought about how much you're worth, just remember that somebody who you didn't even know at the time gave their son's life to purchase you - look to the cross and see never ending, incomprehensible, unconditional, passionate love....for you.

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  1. Thank you for such a powerful reminder. The door would be slammed on many of Satan's opportunities if we reminded ourselves of the price that was paid for us!!!