Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This Sunday I'll be speaking at Highland View Church of Christ during the Sunday morning service.

I don't pre-write sermons and store them away in a drawer so they'll be ready when the time comes, nothing at all against those who do, I just can't work that way myself.  Instead, I try (beg) to let God show me what in the world I need to talk about that day - what does that one person in audience need to hear from You (God) today?
I usually write mine sometime between Tuesday and Saturday, depending on how bad I fail at listening to what God is trying to tell me to speak on...

This week, I was sitting in church on Sunday listening to Curtis McClane deliver a fantastic message and at the end of the message (as it usually happens) I was hit with an idea for my sermon and began frantically jotting down the notes out of my head.  I was glad to have (man, a full week in advance... that was early!) a few disjointed notes and passages and ideas down on paper to build the sermon out of later.

See, my plan was to then take those notes and write my sermon today or tomorrow.  I had a plan.  To which, God laughed.  Don't get me wrong, I love the idea and it may end up being my next sermon, who knows, but it wont be this Sunday's.
But...I had a long talk with someone after church (after I had jotted my notes down) and then had visitors over to the house last night who showed me what my sermon really needed to be about.

This Sunday I'll be preaching on (prepared sometime between now and then) Christian Fellowship.  What is it, why is it important as Christians, and why is it important to you (me/the individual).

What do you think?  Think on your own: what comes to mind when you hear "Christian Fellowship"?  What does it conjure up to you?

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