Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Scandal of Grace

I heard a song recently called "The Scandal of Grace" and it reminded me of how important (and often misunderstood) grace is.

Grace is a lot of things.  It justifies us, sanctifies us, saves us.
Grace is that which is given undeserving.  It is now earned, not paid for, not even asked for (at first).  It is a pardon given by One in power to those who are powerless.  It is complete forgiveness-a level at which we can never truly understand.

Grace is that before I even knew God existed (or cared), while I was still a sinner, while I was a living fool, God walked up to the sale table, saw me in my filth and THEN looked into my future and saw that I lived to be 100 years old I would always be a screw up, never get it right, and die sinning - and He bought me anyway.

Grace is a lot of things.  It is Not fair.  Thank God.

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