Tuesday, January 7, 2014


If you had a friend who you didn't talk to but in passing for a month or more, no phone calls, no getting together, no time invested cultivating the friendship, after a while, what type of friendship would you have?

On the other hand, if you spent a lot of time with that same friend, long phone calls, short text messages, visiting at each other's house, going to the movies together, eating together, etc - what type of relationship would you have?

See, our relationship with God is like our relationship with anyone (in a lot of ways).  The quality of the relationship can be correlated from the amount of time and energy invested.

Is God that best friend?  That loving spouse?  That great confidant?
Or is God that back burner friend you never spend much time on because you don't really have to, just knowing they'll be there if you ever really need them (when all your other friends and activities dry up)?

Either way, we know why he is whichever one he is....

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