Friday, September 18, 2015

Parenting, marriage, Christianity.... they're all Hard.

Parenting is hard. 

Marriage is hard. 

Christianity is hard. 

Truth be told, Anyone who tells you differently is lying or has something to sell.  

The "life is easy", "God just wants you to be Happy", "marriage is always bliss", "parenting is only wonderful", "prosperity gospel" theologies are all lies from the very pit of hell.

You want to know what parenting, marriage, and Christianity all have in common?  They All require selfish, egotistical, self centered people (ie all of humanity) to act in a way completely contrary to their very nature.  In parenting, marriage, and Christianity we are required to put other's thoughts, feelings, emotions, wants, and needs ahead of our own. Period.  

"Yeah, but They deserve" grace.
"They're not even sorry!" forgive them anyway.
"They started it" and you can end it.
"They hurt me so bad" don't pass it on (or back)

I don't know about you (actually... I think I do) but I'm pretty terrible at this. 
Loving those who hate me is not my strong suit.  Showing patience to a disobedient child isn't "blissful".  Putting my wife's feelings ahead of mine when I don't think she's putting mine ahead of her's isn't "bliss" (though I assure you those roles are typically reversed I'm sure).  Being the light in a dark world when my nature is either to throw darkness back or to take my little candle and go huddle up in the corner by myself is not easy.  Or natural.  or easy.  or easy.  or easy.


God loves you anyway. Love people anyway. People love you anyway. Love yourself anyway.

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