Thursday, February 2, 2017

be a master in 5 minutes!

What people once mastered by dedicating their life to, we now want the same results in an hour.

Athletes dedicated 80 hours a week to becoming competitive but now parents want to send their kid to an AYSO practice for one hour every other week and are baffled that their kid isn't D1 material.

Parents and school boards and politicians pressure teachers into giving people A/B honor role just for showing up and then are mad at the teachers when their child, who made straight As, makes a 17 on their ACT.

Some Parents want teachers, in addition to being hard but easy, firm but sensitive, zero tolerance but lenient, and teach 3 years of state standards in 90 days, to then raise their kids -- when the teacher gets bladder infections because they don't even have the time or ability to take bathroom breaks for themselves.

Some want to tell their kids that if they're not good at dinner the cops will come get them and lock them up but then want those same police to be "approachable".

Often times people want the youth minister of a church to change their child's life, redirect their trajectory, teach them manners, morality (and the Real gospel) and if said youth minister can't turn around little Johnny's/Suzy's life in an hour a week for 4 weeks, then the youth minister is the one who has failed that child.

We as adults want to our Christian faith to be propped up by the 30 minutes we "dedicate" to a sermon every seven days and are bewildered that we can't clearly discern the voice of God.

We want to righteously fight for/against and vote for or not for a politician that has been campaigning for 4 years, based on the 90 second YouTube video we watched that one time shared by that one person on that one social media channel.

We want our kids to be endlessly grateful for an award or accolade when they (and everyone around them) get a new trophy every other day whether they were even present for whatever event they're celebrating.

We want to be madly, deeply, and completely understood without _really_ listening to understand, even on a surface level, anyone else.

We want everyone around us to know we did/didn't mean something based on them intimately knowing our character, without ever considering the character of the person "attacking" (aka "disagreeing with") us.

We all want to master everything we try in 5 minutes (or else give up) when the person in that YouTube video we're watching to learn it has been practicing it their whole life.

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