Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter reminders...

As Good Friday is upon us and Easter Sunday arrives, I'm convicted to remember a few things.

Jesus Christ, God, left Heaven, became a man, left his glory became an outcast, left his riches and became poor, left his beauty to become all together unremarkable (in appearance), and left eternity to die.
 Jesus came to earth and met with pagans, communed with Gentiles, dined with sinners, walked with the sick, defended (*) adulterers, and showed us what True love truly is in that while we were all sinners, when we didn't know of his existence or even care, while we cursed his name and all that he stood for, he died for us, in our stead.  Jesus extended Grace, abundant grace.  He paid our ransom.

Grace is unmerited, unwarranted, not earned, not deserved, very much not fair (thank God!).
Christ died for everyone.  Not the 'good' people, not the chosen people, not the healthy, the good looking, and the prosperous - Christ died for me.  For you.  For EVERYONE.  Christ extended Grace freely to every person in the world...  so therefore we can not exclude.  We can not dictate who comes to his table, we can not judge who should be forgiven, we can not suppose to understand the 'process' of grace, we can not ever give up on anyone.  God, died, for all.

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