Thursday, May 24, 2012

break bread

This morning I was reminded of the importance of fellowship, the importance of accountability (in more ways than one), and the importance of same sex small groups.

Yesterday I ran into a good friend of mine who told me to meet him the next morning... at 6:00 am.  I admittedly waffled a bit.  His response to my uneasiness was "either I'll see you there at 6, or I'll be at your house at 5:45 blowing the horn to pick you up".  At that, my wife just laughed and told me (tender and lovingly, of course) "Ha!  You met one just like you!"

So, this morning I got up, drove down the hill and met him and about 10 other guys.  It was all guys meeting in a carport.  In age we ranged from about 12 - 60 years old, in athleticism from the ability to do body weight air squats to picking up small automobiles and throwing them over their shoulder.  We had college football players, football and soccer coaches, principles, teachers, students, and physician assistants.  We had sons, brothers, fathers, and grandfathers.  All different, but all united in purpose (2 purposes actually).

For about 45 minutes we all, regardless of ability, had our butts kicked in Crossfit hybrid (directed by a special forces soldier, Crossfit certified instructor, and all around Beast) workout of weights, kettlebells, rowing machines, ski machines, and all other manner of torturous devices that we all love.  At the conclusion, this group of men all stood around, sweaty and breathing hard.  Much like any crossfit or bootcamp exercise you might go to.  What made this one different was what happens next.  A mix of devo, discussion, and preaching (this one on the parable of the talents in Matthew 25) followed by prayer.  Powerful prayers from a group of men passionate about The Living God.

Surround yourselves with such people.  The disciples needed each other (even when sent out they were sent 2by2), Jesus had a small group (the apostles) and 3 best friends even within that group.  If the apostles needed it, if Jesus Christ the son of God needed it, we need it.

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