Wednesday, May 16, 2012

God is love.

God is Love. 

As such, He can not also be the god of hate. 
Though God may (does) hate the sins that we all commit, that does not translate into a hate for the people committing those sins.  See, God hates sin for what it does to those He loves.  God did not create a bunch of arbitrary rules and "though shalt not"s for the fun of it or to be all controlling and manipulative, or to give us ways to fail.  Every law/rule/command in the Bible is given for our own good - for the protection of His children (you, me, us).  God hates that we can not see the consequences of our actions, that we don't see how much better our lives would be without sin, how much more abundantly we would live if we followed His commands (in place for our protection), but He does not hate any person.

hear me, Hear me, HEAR ME: God does not, will not, can not hate You.

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  1. Very simple, to the point, and relevant. We seem to complicate the simplest of things.