Thursday, August 29, 2013

Warning signs in dating:

This goes not only for teens, but adults as well.  It also goes for male and female (though I wrote it for the female perspective).

Dating is hard.  Whether you're 15 and going on your first date or your 19 on your 18 on your first date in college, or your 47 dating, or your 57 dating after a divorce, dating is hard - and warning signs are so hard to spot by those In the relationship.

Here's a list, in no particular order, of some dating red flags.  Please hear me on this:  it's a red flag.  I realize there are exceptions, that's why I didn't say it was a black skull-&-crossbone flag (don't throw anything at me ;)

  1. Does he lose his temper often?
  2. Does he consider himself a failure?
  3. Is he looking for a rescuer?
  4. Has there been abuse in his home?
  5. Does he put you down or disrespect you?
  6. Does he treat you differently (good or bad) in front of other people vs. when you two are alone?
  7. Is he jealous and/or controlling?
  8. Does he need to spend All his free time with you?
  9. After beginning your relationship, has he pulled out of all other relationships and you are now his “only friend”?
  10. Does he want you to change who you are (even incrementally)?
  11. Have you (looking back) become his reflection (changed your look, your clothes, your friends, your music, your TV shows, your speech, etc)?

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