Friday, January 4, 2013

Home invasion

So.... I read about this guy who broke into someone's house.
The homeowner was actually home so then the home-invader pulls a gun on the homeowner and starts screaming that he wants everything the guy has and flat out tells him that after he gets it he's going to kill the homeowner anyway.

Luckily the police show up and rush into the house to find the guy, with a backpack full of stolen stuff from the house, standing over the homeowner with a gun to the homeowner's head.  With all the police surrounding him he drops his gun and turns himself in.

At trial, they bring eyewitness after eyewitness, the homeowner, the neighbor (who was actually the ADA and who saw the whole thing - and was the one to actually call the police in the first place), and each of the dozen officers who responded and subdued the suspect.

The whole time, the defendant just sits and smiles, laughing and shaking his head at times.

Then, the defendant, the home-invader, insists that he be allowed to take the stand, despite his lawyer trying to convince him not to.  When he gets on the stand, he doesn't even wait for a question, he simply turns straight to the judge, leans into the bench, smirks and laughs and says, quote:
"You know what, guilty as charged.  I did it all, every bit of it, only these fools left out the dozens of other times I've done this same thing and that if they hadn't shown up that dude (the homeowner) was good as dead"

The entire courtroom takes a collective gasp and the previously composed judge is all of the sudden visibly taken aback, but before anyone can even muster a 'proper' reaction, this guy continues:

"But you know what judge, I just can't help it, it's what I do, but it's not who I am, what I do can't be helped by nobody, but - you know my heart though!"

The judge takes a second as the entire courtroom holds it's breath and then the judge leans back in his chair and responds:

"well, let's see... we caught you at the scene, we have more than a dozen eye witnesses, and as if that wasn't enough, we have your own Complete admittance."

-at this point the courtroom can't take it anymore and bursts into cheers and applause as the judge raises his gavel-

"But" the judge continues, gavel paused in the air, "we're going to forget about the law, you are free to go" and the gavel slammed down.


Not that you need anytime to think, but take a moment  -- what's your reaction to this 'judge'?

We can all agree that this guy has lost his ever loving Mind, he's a fool, and a mockery to the court!


This is what many expect God to do when he judges us.

Let that sink in a minute.

People live their whole life ignoring the existence of God, indifferent at best, and make statements like "well, I'm a good person", "I'm good enough", "I'm better than That guy", "if God's really just he'll know my heart", "a Loving God wouldn't really judge people", "if God's really the 'god of love' than he would never find anyone guilty", "My God wouldn't have any laws!", ....

Any of these sound familiar?

**story adapted from PRo's (Derek Minor) song "Not Guilty"**

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