Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I am a sinner. I am a Christian.

I am a sinner.

Try as I might, I will always be.
Though I am saved by the undeserved Grace of Jesus Christ and my eternity is secure, I will never stop being a wretched, imperfect, selfish, self-centered man.

I want to do good and yet am continually shocked at my nature and ability to think and do 'bad'.  I pray with Paul for the removal of my innate nature (purposely redundant), but remain with Paul as the Chief of sinners.

As a Christian, I am set apart, saved, sanctified, and redeemed... but by NO act or ability of my own-and that will never change.

My prayer for the new year is more of Him and less of me, for transparency in actually Being who people Think that I am, and for grace and mercy (both undeserved) everyday.

No matter how many times I bargain, beg, promise, and voice deals with God for his grace (funny, right?), there is nothing I can offer on my own of myself, no promise of Holiness can I keep on my own.
I am a Christian.

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