Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The worst blogger ever.

For the people who follow this blog, for those who check it, I have 2 things I must say to you today.

Thank you.
and, more importantly,
I'm sorry.

I am, in deed, a terrible blogger, ha!

I started this blog to share and as the time passed and 'life' happened, and church events piled up, I simply didn't continue it and it became easier and easier to not blog and harder and harder to 'find' time to write (something about a road and good intentions...).

This year I plan to change that, I want to focus on This blog.

Again, for those who follow this blog, thank you.  If you like it, I ask that you share it, tell your friends about it, facebook it, tweet it, instagram it, shoot it through outerspace, smoke signals, whatever your thing is ;)

I dislike, greatly, New Year Resolutions, but I suppose that's what this is - a resolution to re-dedicate myself to this blog and to all of you.

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